Industry perspective-bioprocess automation and data management (subtitles)


Process automation in Biopharma is lagging behind the needs of the industry, largely due to a lack of standardization both from end users and from automation providers. Automation capabilities usually focus on individual unit operations instead of focusing on linking those operations and their data. Many facilities are constructed by a variety of equipment and automation vendors to complete their upstream and downstream workflow which results in different proprietary and closed control systems. One of the challenges we see around data management and process automation for our customers is they are still required to manually acquire and transfer data across their workflow, meaning that their manufacturing process has to be fit around the limitations of the equipment, instead of the equipment automation enabling their process. One of the challenges going forward is not just to select the best equipment but to also consider how to interconnect, control, and manage the data from that equipment. In other words, how do we make the equipment meaningful from a data perspective at the outset?At Thermo Fisher Scientific we collaborate with our customers to provide equipment, automation, and data management solutions to optimize their bioprocesses. Our Thermo Scientific automation solutions operate on an existing distributed control system, the Emerson DeltaV platform, an open system that provides seamless connectivity to all layers of automation. Our Thermo Scientific TruBio and TruChrom software provide the automation control and data management that our customers' bioprocesses require.

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