A CDMO Perspective: Bioprocess Automation and Data Management (subtitles)


The question of data management and data availability is one that's top of mind for those innovator companies outsourcing to CDMOs. By providing real access to data, the CDMO and the customer can partner in monitoring the process and ensuring that the process is kept on track as it's being executed within operations. Additionally, having easy access to the data makes a customer's life substantially easier when it comes to compiling the necessary information for the various regulatory packages that they're responsible for. During a molecule's life cycle, it's gonna be manufactured at various scales, from process development to the clinical manufacturing scale to the commercial manufacturing scale. Being able to monitor the data across each one of those stages and address any differences that may ultimately be impacting the quality of the molecule being manufactured is critical if a customer wants to get a product commercialized on an expedited timeline. The benefits of process automation to customers of CDMOs are really twofold. The first is it helps ensure continuity of supply via error-free operations, and the second is it allows CDMOs to be more efficient, and those efficiencies ultimately can benefit both the CDMO as well as the customers they're working with. CDMOs continue to be a critical part of innovator companies’ supply chains. As part of this increased outsourcing, innovator companies are asking for better data management and automation from their CDMOs. Companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific are committed to delivering those solutions.

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