Thermo Scientific Bioprocess Equipment and Automation Solutions from R&D to Production


Research and development, process development, and pilot plants involved in scale-up and technology transfer can face significant setbacks such as time and data loss due to a lack of efficient, traceable data transfer. In a GMP manufacturing facility, product quality, system validation, and data integrity are critical in order to help meet regulatory requirements. In biologics, where risk mitigation and speed are critical, Thermo Fisher Scientific enables scale-up, tech transfer, and data management through digitalization, allowing you to focus on science and the quality of your molecule. We offer a portfolio of Thermo Scientific bioprocess equipment and automation solutions that are designed to reduce the complexity involved in scale-up and technology transfer, and enable the data management that is required of GMP-certified facilities for product quality, system validation, and record-keeping. We help you establish, transfer, and maintain recipes, alerts, batch records, and historian data with a consistent user interface from R&D to process development to GMP manufacturing.

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