How to prepare Essential 8 Medium for pluripotent stem cell culture


This video will show you how to prepare complete Essential 8 Medium for the feeder-free culture of PSCs. Essential 8 Medium is a fully defined feeder-free medium, formulated for the growth and expansion of human pluripotent stem cells. It was originally developed in the laboratory of James Thomson, and validated by Cellular Dynamics International. To prepare 500 mL of complete Essential 8 Medium, aseptically mix the following components, 490 mL of Essential 8 Basal Medium, and 10 mL of Essential 8 Supplement. Complete Essential 8 Medium can be stored at 2-8°C for up to 2 weeks. Before using, warm the amount of complete medium required for that day at room temperature, until it is no longer cool to the touch. Don't warm the medium at 37°C. Given the lean nature of Essential 8 Medium, additional freeze-thawing of the supplement or complete medium is not recommended.

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