MAGPIX System - How To Set Up the Computer


The move from multiple protein assays to multiplex assays is now totally within reach! The MAGPIX system is an affordable, compact, fluorescent-based detection system based on Luminex's proven xMAP technology. With the MAGPIX system every researcher can perform quantitative analysis of up to 50 proteins simultaneously using only 25μl of precious sample. The MAGPIX system is personal, benchtop instrument with out of the box set-up with step by step guide to interactive software and all designed for use with broad and expanding menu of assay kits. In order to run your MAGPIX instrument, you'll need to setup the included PC system. To begin the PC installation, open up the MAGPIX shipping container and find the 4 boxes associated with the computer system. It's best to open up each box and identify the components inside. You should have a PC tower, monitor, PC stand, speaker, mouse, keyboard, CD-ROMs, warranty Information, and cables. Once you've identified the monitor and speaker bar system, attach the speaker bar to the bottom of the monitor. Detailed instructions are included in the box. Next, identify the monitor cable with blue plugs and attach it to the monitor. You won't need a separate power supply to power the speaker. With the speaker bar attached, remove the monitor and PC stand from their boxes and attach the monitor to the stand by locking it into place. You should hear a click. You can now attach the power cable to the base of the monitor from the monitor stand. Find the PC tower and PC housing. Be sure that the slide lock of the PC housing is in the unlock position. Then, properly slide the tower into the housing and lock. You can attach the PC tower/housing to the back of the monitor stand and lock it into place using the slide lock. Next, attach the monitor cable to the back of the PC, and attach the mouse and keyboard through USB ports. Identify the PC power cable and MAGPIX USB cable in the accessory tray. Plug the power supply into the back of the monitor stand, but wait before plugging it into a wall outlet. You'll want to finish setting up all the PC elements before powering up your MAGPIX Instrument. Now plug the MAGPIX USB into the back of the PC. Find and identify the PC housing cover and gently install it on the back of the PC housing by allowing the cables to run out of the bottom opening. You might have to work at attaching the housing cover because of all the cables, but if you bind them together it can make the job easier. You're finally done. Now you can plug the PC power cord into an outlet. It's not necessary to connect to the MAGPIX instrument at this time. You can now turn on the power to the PC and monitor, and allow the system to boot. When the system has loaded, open up the icon for xPONENT software. If a prompt for an expired license appears, contact Luminex Tech Support at to obtain a permanent license code. You can now install your license code and open up the software. Before connecting your PC to the MAGPIX system, follow the step-by-step MAGPIX installation guide on your PC. Once the license has been validated and updated, the PC can be attached to the MAGPIX system via the USB port and you can begin to use your instrument.

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