Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) Overview


Achieve consistently high cell culture performance, yield and quality with faster, easier media hydration. Gibco’s Advanced Granulation Technology AGT media is a single component made from dry powder media and bioprocessing liquid media. It can be used in both fed-batch and perfusion cell cultures. AGT dry media is ready-to-use at target pH and osmolality. It is available in complete serum-free, protein-free and chemically-defined media formulations. It’s perfect for both clinical and commercial products, including proteins, vaccines and gene therapy. AGT granulated media is also ideal for your custom formulations. Eliminate operator hazards of excessive dust and reduce labor time. Additional benefits include one-source procurement, decreased storage space needs, the prevention of osmolality and media batch failures, reduced costs, and an increased shelf life. (Our most advanced feeds are stable up to 30 days at room temperature after hydration.) For more information, contact your sales representative today or visit

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