Antibody purification: Development of two new highly efficient purification resins


In this poster presentation we discuss the development of POROS MabCapture Select Resins with Protein G and Protein A/G. The POROS resin provide up to four-fold higher binding capacity at higher flow rates when compared to similar agarose-based resins. Another unique advantage of POROS perfusion media is that it provides better mass transfer which results in smaller elution volume. In addition, both resins have low leaching and similar chemical compatibility to other Protein G and A/G agarose resins. The chromatography support can influence final purity, maximum flow rates, elution volume, and binding capacity at different flow rates, all of which impact the total efficiency of the purified protein recovery. The introduction of POROS MabCapture G and A/G Select chromatography resin was aimed at reducing the downstream bottleneck and providing the capacity, efficiency, and flexibility needed to make improvements to the downstream purification platform, resulting in major increases to process productivity and antibody manufacturing.

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