Cells-to-CT Kits: A fast way to kill your cells for gene expression analysis


Real-time reverse transcription PCR analysis of RNA expression in normal and diseased states is a fundamental technique used in research and screening workflows. However, traditional purification of RNA samples often represents a significant workflow bottleneck, which increases the time and automation complexity required for analysis. We describe the Cells-to-CT technology, a workflow that was designed in conjunction with real-time analysis to completely eliminate the need for traditional purification while maintaining performance relative to purified RNA. High-density sample preparation is accomplished in less than 8 min and is highly amenable to automation. We demonstrate that results are equivalent to RNA purified using traditional methods over a broad range of sample input while offering advantages when dealing with automated liquid handlers. Watch this webinar presentation by the developer of Invitrogen™ Cells-to-CT™ kits, Laura Chapman, Staff Scientist in R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific. You’ll learn how Cells-to-CT kits enable you to measure relative gene expression by real-time qRT-PCR without having to purify the RNA prior to amplification. Cells-to-CT kits are available with Invitrogen™ TaqMan® and SYBR™ Green detection chemistries and enable real-time qRT-PCR analysis directly from cultured cells. Cells-to-CT kits help you to get true value with excellent performance and reliability.

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