Go straight from sample to PCR


Who doesn't want to simplify experiments, save time, and prevent sample loss in their PCR workflow? Direct PCR can offer all of these benefits by amplifying target sequences directly from the sample without the need for users to first isolate and purify the DNA. It sounds great, right? But how does it work? The secret is in the buffer and DNA polymerase. Direct PCR buffer is designed to help lyse cells and release the DNA from the sample. But cell lysis also releases proteins, lipids, and other cellular debris that can inhibit PCR. So direct PCR employs a DNA polymerase with high affinity to the template DNA, for increased tolerance to these inhibitors and continuous amplification in suboptimal conditions. The Invitrogen Platinum Direct PCR Universal Master Mix builds upon our years of experience and innovation at the forefront of direct PCR technology to deliver a single master mix that works with different sample types. The buffer is specially formulated for primer annealing at 60 degrees Celsius to accommodate a wide range of primer sets without requiring PCR optimization. The master mix comes as a kit that includes an enhancer to help amplify GC-rich targets. The enzyme in the master mix is engineered for fast DNA synthesis and high inhibitor tolerance. And its Invitrogen Platinum hot-start enzyme technology enables room-temperature setup and benchtop stability. The master mix also includes an optional protocol to store lysed samples prior to amplification for further testing. The Platinum Direct PCR Universal Master Mix simplifies your PCR workflow for fast results with minimal optimization and sample loss. Learn more at thermofisher.com/platinum-direct-pcr

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