AAV vector process development achieving high purity & high yield experiences from the front line


Earlier this year, four of the leading vector bioprocess experts working in gene therapy today assembled to debate key challenges relating to the scalability and robustness of current production systems. Dr Meisam Bakhshayeshi (Head of Downstream Process Development for Gene Therapy, Biogen), Dr Michael Mercaldi (Director of Purification Process Development, Homology Medicines), Dr Matthias Hebben (VP Technology Development, LogicBio Therapeutics) and Orjana Terova (Senior Product Manager for Purification Products, Thermo Fisher Scientific) were asked to share their insights relating to critical manufacturing bottlenecks currently obstructing gene therapy’s path to commercial validation and success. Low cell culture titers, poor scalability of both upstream and downstream steps, the frequent lack of manufacturability of vector platforms, cost control issues…AAV bioprocessing is certainly at something of a crossroads, struggling to improve productivity even as demand spirals. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear directly from those tasked with delivering the strategic and technological solutions and inform your own viral vector scale-up plans.

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