NIR to the Rescue - Production Efficiency and Cost Savings for Pharma


Reducing costs and improving efficiency have always been a goal, but these needs are increasingly critical for pharmaceutical companies in a pandemic era. Near‐infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a non‐destructive analytical tool that provides solutions from drug development to the QA/QC lab, and in at‐line, on‐line, or continuous manufacturing processes. Its potential in the pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain is still expanding. This webinar highlights NIR’s incredible capabilities across a variety of drug forms, in regulatory compliance, for GMP environments, and more. Key Learning Objectives: • NIR spectroscopy as an alternative to wet chemistry and HPLC/GC method with the same accuracy but faster, cheaper, and non‐destructively • What to look for in a hardware‐software platform to assure drug formulation integrity as well as data integrity • Considerations for integrating NIR technology into the analytical workflow within pharma

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