Collibri 3' mRNA Library Prep for Illumina Systems


Low cost gene expression studies are now possible from as few as 2 million reads in a single-end, 75 bp sequencing run on Illumina NGS systems. The Invitrogen Collibri 3’ mRNA Library Prep Kits for Illumina Systems use a blocking mechanism to capture only the 3’ end of each transcript, enabling shorter sequencing runs. Normalization (RPKM) is not required with this sequencing method because the transcript is degraded during library preparation, ensuring that gene expression results match sample complexity in the sequencing data. Globin-blocking oligos are included in the Invitrogen Collibri 3’ Blood mRNA Kit to enrich for gene expression by reducing the presence of globin in sequencing data. Collibri 3’ mRNA kits are compatible with all samples types and quality, including FFPE. Collibri 3’ Blood mRNA kits are compatible with all human samples.

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