China single-use capacity expansion


Thermo Fisher Scientific is expanding our single-use manufacturing network globally. With continuous growth in China’s population, we have seen an increase in demand for human therapeutics and vaccines and an even greater need for investment in public health and safety to develop biopharmaceutical products in China. This development drives greater interest in products and equipment that can be scaled quickly. This has led to the rapid and wide adoption of single-use technologies and in turn, suppliers are increasing production capacity while manufacturing products at the highest quality standards to meet the needs of biopharmaceutical customers. The 13,000 square meter facility in Suzhou, China is expected to support assembly of 300,000 Bioprocess Containers (BPCs) annually. This site part is of a larger global supply network. BPC chambers will be sent to Suzhou from our manufacturing sites in Logan, UT, Millersburg, PA, and Cramlington, UK. We will then assemble and distribute BPCs and fluid transfer assemblies. The final assembly includes irradiation handled locally in China. The manufacturing process and quality standards are consistent with the other single-use manufacturing sites worldwide.

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