How to set up an Invitrogen QuantiGene Plex Assay in the Luminex xPONENT Software


"In this video we will demonstrate how to set up an Invitrogen™ QuantiGene Plex Assay in the Luminex® xPONENT™ Software . We will walk you through the following procedures: 1) Log in and perform system initialization 2) Create a new protocol 3) Add new standard lots 4) Create a new batch 5) Read plate/Run batch 6) Evaluate and export results for further analysis on the Thermo Fisher Scientific ProcartaPlex Analysis App ( For more information, please refer to the Invitrogen™ QuantiGene™ Plex user guide or contact Technical Support. Invitrogen™ QuantiGene™ Assays: Invitrogen™ QuantiGene™ Analysis App: If you have any questions or concerns about running Invitrogen™ QuantiGene™ Plex assay, please contact Thermo Fisher Scientific Technical Service: (Europe) or (North America). Or visit our Support Centers:"

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