How to set up and run an Invitrogen QuantiGene Plex Assay


"In this video you will learn how to run an Invitrogen™ QuantiGene™ Plex Assay in a 96-well format using cell lysates. The first part of the video will cover the day 1 protocol which includes the preparation needed prior to running the QuantiGene™ Plex Assay and the set up in the hybridization plate for the overnight incubation. The second part of the video focuses on the day 2 protocol which includes the transfer to the magnetic separation plate and the signal amplification steps. To learn how to process and run other sample types, please refer to the “Literature & Citations” section of the webpages for the Invitrogen™ QuantiGene™ Plex Assay: Invitrogen™ QuantiGene™ Plex Assays: If you have any questions or concerns about running Invitrogen™ QuantiGene™ Plex assay, please contact Thermo Fisher Scientific Technical Service: (Europe) or (North America). Or visit our Support Centers:"

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