How to prepare an Invitrogen ProcartaPlex Multiplex Immunoassay for Mix & Match panels


"This video will walk you through the reagent preparation step to help you get set up to run the Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ assay for Convenience and Mix and Match panels. Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ multiplex assay for Convenience and Mix and Match panels are custom blended panels tailored to your choice of target. Select for our list of analytes and we will formulate a user defined panel that is supplied with all the necessary reagents to perform the assay or choose one of our off-the-shelf predesigned biologically relevant disease specific convenience assays. For more information, please refer to the Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ user guide or contact Technical Support. Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ Luminex® Assays: If you have any questions or concerns about running Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ assay, please contact Thermo Fisher Scientific Technical Service : (Europe) or (North America) . Or visit our Support Centers:"

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