How to prepare a Working Antigen Standard for Invitrogen ProcartaPlex Multiplex Immunoassay


"Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ multiplex immunoassay kits may be supplied with one or more lyophilized Standard Mix for generation of standard curves and high and low control. In event that your kit has 5 or more standard mix vials, this video will demonstrate the correct procedure for reconstituting and diluting the standard mix. The video also describes the appropriate diluent to be used for reconstitution depending on your sample type. For more information, please refer to the Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ user guide or contact Technical Support. Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ Luminex® Assays: If you have any questions or concerns about running Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ assay, please contact Thermo Fisher Scientific Technical Service: (Europe) or (North America). Or visit our Support Center: "

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