Video Inside Bioprocessing Episode 2 Bacto CD Supreme 2021


Gibco Bacto CD Supreme Fermentation Production Medium (FPM) is a chemically defined medium for microbial fermentation. Bacto CD Supreme FPM is a dehydrated powder medium (DPM) designed specifically for fermentation applications to support high-cell-density cultures of Escherichia coli. Bacto CD Supreme FPM is chemically defined, hydrolysate-free, and animal origin component-free. This podcast will begin by highlighting the reasons why the animal origin-free trend in bioprocessing has taken so long to reach microbial bioproduction and provide an insight into the technical hurdles that were overcome during the development of Gibco CD Bacto Supreme. It will also explain the general benefits of CD microbial media and explore the potential impact these products could have in shaping the future of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

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